Dr. Alevtina Evgrafova

When I was 13, I dreamed about becoming a soil scientist.

I’m a #futurist and I have two more predictions for #academia which I shared at the end of this post. What are your thoughts?

When I was 13, I dreamed about becoming a soil scientist. Usually a reaction would be “insane, how did you come up with this?”. I studied in an eco-geographic gymnasium class, where besides having six hours of geography and two hours of ecology every week for 4 years, we also had extra curriculum classes and one of those was Soil Science, tad-a 🎉. Also, we learned cartography, calligraphy, snow science and even survival in wilderness, yeap, gamification in action!

Education and self-defined personal development are everything! Though, the favorite part was that we travelled to different regions for hiking and ski wild nature trips. Fantastic applied skills and I'm so grateful to my school! How has your school shaped your future?

Anyhow, Soil Science and my “fixer” mindset immediately saw its applicability worldwide: Eureka! It way many years before it started becoming a popular science 😉
⁃ Can travel and learn about different cultures which I’ve read so much about
⁃ Can help producing healthy food
⁃ Can preserve beautiful landscapes and animals

After a few years of BSc, I started to dream about becoming a professor and being in science for the rest of my life because nothing else could be more fun than that 🤓😃

Well, I was wrong on the last part because academia was and still is often gives a very painful experience for many who decides to stay in it professionally. More on this I'll save for another post.

🚀 My predictions are that 1. #researchers will be mostly self-employed aka FreiberfulerInenn as they call in Germany and will be organized into DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). The universities and all facilities will be still excisting, though, the decisions on research prioirites and funding allocations will be done by ResearchDAOs in direct communication with governments as well as with businesses incl. more connections with #startups.

2. The importance of external support for researcher through coaching and mental health trainings will be growing and sooner becoming a new standard, accessible, required and not considered as a luxury or whim anymore!

💬 What do you think abot these 2 trends? And what trends do you see in your fields❓
🌟Researchers, be great and proud, you deserve everything you dream about and all support you need on your path to breakthroughs! 🌟

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