How often do you recognize feeling stuck because of limiting beliefs⁉️

I’ve experienced it today, symbolically, on my first day of the full-time self-employment 🎉 (yes, it was part-time before). To be honest, this realization, which happened after having two powerful consultations with a lawyer and a business trainer, is the mindset changer! Thanks for your therapeutic effect 😅 besides professional guidance!

Well, I’ve spent at least three meetings and many more hours figuring out which legal form and business setup might be the best in order to create a union representing researchers’ rights and support for researchers worldwide. I truly believed that universities and organizations would have more desire to have training contracts with a union rather than with a solo-entrepreneur. 💬 By the way, would you rather get coaching/training from a union or a solo-entrepreneur❓ Or what else would rather influence your decision❓

“Tina, how is it related to limiting beliefs?”. Well, I was caught in the loop that first comes a union, then reaching out to universities with coaching and training offers only would make sense. Now I clearly see that I can reach organizations even though I’m an entrepreneur. In many cases, it makes paper work even easier for both parties 😊 

💬 Have you experienced a similar situation and what were your limiting beliefs?🙋 

🧩 My tonight action plan: List up 10 universities I would like to collaborate with the most. Tomorrow to-do: Contact those 10 universities with my offers. 

P.S. After having an insight, self-sabotaging by building invisible obstacles became so obvious 😂 . It’s truly uncomfortable to share this story aloud, but sharing is caring 💜

P.P.S. The union might still happen, though, it will be the case if the demand from community will be raising. Let's see what support researchers will demand on their paths to innovations. Feel free to share - very much appreciated!
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