Dr. Alevtina (Tina) Evgrafova

Don't wait to be told what to do and what your needs are, ask yourself!🌟

World keeps developing towards "ask if you need something" system. I tend to think soon it will be the main approach as it's easier to implement for digital communication optimization. Well, plus an option "something else" and there is the shining moment for your creativity. What is your forecast on that point❓️

Let me explain from where I'm coming with this. Simple example, before when you've been greeted by a receptionist, they would ask you if you'd like a coffee or tea as well as get some directions whatever facilities you might need. These days noone explains anything to anyone, you go and explore by yourself using signs and information sheets OR you have an option to ask directly if no signs are there or you're simply lost and tired of keep looking. But what to ask for if you haven't been listed with any options, like coffee or tea as in my example and if where is only a water cooler?

💡Make a practise asking yourself! One of powerful questions: "How do I feel and what do I need at this moment?"

🧩Another powerful questions to stay focused: "How what I do at this moment brings me to my goal?"

If there is a question, there is a capacity for your mind to find answers. Our minds are very trainable. If you're still wondering what needs to be trained?

💡Well, how to remind yourself to have these "question pauses". Here are my suggestions:

➡️ Set a timer every hour, 2-hours, twice a day (you decide how often you need) to check on yourself
➡️ Reply truly on your needs by connecting with your emotions, feelings and thoughts
➡️ Get a 30-min/1-hour session with a professional coach. It will be exactly your time to be trained how to hear yourself and recognize your needs and desires

🚀Book a 30-min demo session with me if you like.
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