Networking means creating relationships, not building relationships.

Don't wait to be told what to do and what your needs are, ask yourself!🌟

Networking means creating relationships, not building relationships. What are your thoughts on this?

After having a strategic networking consultation* with one of my clients (more below), followed up by #startupnight in Berlin. I really needed to put it all together in a post. Hope you like it!

💡Networking purposes creating points of contact that bring a desire to have further and more in-depth interactions.

💡The process of building relationships starts exactly AFTER networking events, especially if it was a short one.

💡Networking is meant to be fun and not a burden!
Here are a few know-hows that help me to network easily and more playfully:

➡️ Keeping in mind that everyone there is already “my people” and I only need to figure our who will be my 1st and 2nd circles

➡️ Being myself: Say what I think without worries how it will be taken & do what I think needs to be done without worries “what if”

➡️ Enjoying an exciting challenge aka game for myself (or with a buddy🤝):

🌟 Focusing on networking outcomes that I would like to have - a new collaboration; getting an interview; raising funding?

🌟 Setting my goals with numbers - 10 new contacts in marketing/IT etc., 5 invitations to interviews, 5 investor contacts etc.

🤝 Afterwards, my buddy and I get together and exchange whom we found, hence, we spared lots of time to find our “gem” connections that is so much needed for us.
With every practice it becomes easier and easier and gamification contributes to that too 😉

💬 What is your networking experience so far? Want to share your know-hows?
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