“No is already in your pocket”

Today I’ve heard one phrase “No is already in your pocket”. How does it make you feel?

What is it about? Well, you don’t lose anything if you ask for help or send a request for work/collaboration etc. as "no" is already there in case you don’t reach out!! However, you might get lots of “yes” if you communicate what or whom you’re looking for! 

🚀 There is a very good practice of receiving ten “no”. Exactly, not 10 “yes”, but 10 “no” and be fine with rejections 💜

🧩 Learning about yourself at the moment of rejection is crucial. Know your coping mechanisms when being rejected is what builds self-support and resilience. Mine can be shaped into this phrase: “everything is for the best and it only means I need to be somewhere else or interact with someone else”. 
💬 What might be yours?.

📸 Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany
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