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  • Anna
    Tech Startup Founder ⚙️

    Discovering startup funding opportunity during a free call was eye-opening. With Tina's assistance, I thoroughly assessed all potential risks, leading to a well-informed and confidently balanced decision as I venture into this thrilling journey.

  • Sam

    Former Senior Researcher 👨🏼‍🎓

    Tina has provided support as I transitioned from academia to self-employment as an independent consultant. She guided me in creating a detailed strategy and diligently helped me execute it step by step.

  • Alex
    Future 🦄 Startup Founder

    Tina navigated me through the entire startup foundation process, from developing a robust business plan to successfully obtaining essential government startup funding.

  • Sarah
    Project Manager ⏳

    Tina's exceptional ability to help creating my career roadmap has been a game-changer for me. She's helped me leverage my strengths effectively, making my career journey in the tech industry a smooth and successful one.

How AVGS Works

Everything you need to know about AVGS application process:
Steps to Access My Coaching via AVGS
  • Schedule a 15-minute free introductory call to discuss your current situation
  • By the end of our call, I will share my email template (in German) to apply for the AVGS voucher by Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter
  • Fill in your information within the email template and send it to me for review to enhance your chances of obtaining the AVGS voucher
  • Once your application is submitted, the decision-making process may take up to two weeks
  • As soon as you receive a written confirmation (Bewilligung) of your voucher, we start our coaching
  • In case you would not be eligible for the voucher, we can explore alternative options to assist you in achieving your career goals

What is AVGS?
AVGS, short for Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein, is a voucher provided by the German government for job seekers or ALGI recipients through Agentur für Arbeit or for ALGII recipients through Jobcenter. AVGS voucher is provided for free.
What are Gründungszuschuss or Einstiegsgeld?
Gründungszuschuss and Einstiegsgeld are startup grants (subsidies) that provide financial support to unemployed people who want to start a business. While Gründungszuschuss is intended for ALG 1 recipients, Einstiegsgeld is aimed at ALG 2 recipients.
Why Should You Consider AVGS?
  • AVGS can be used to seek guidance for starting your own business venture in Germany, such as elf-employment, launching a startup, or establishing a company
  • AVGS funds coaching and training services provided by approved providers, like through our established partnership, to enhance career opportunities for residents in Germany
Who is eligible to get AVGS?
To be eligible for AVGS, you must be currently registered as a job seeker or receiving unemployment benefits (ALGI or ALGII) in Germany. Once you're registered, an employment advisor (Sachberater) from Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter will be assigned to you. You'll need to request your advisor to issue the AVGS voucher, and I'll assist you in improving your chances of obtaining it during a 15-minute free call.
Do you have to be unemployed to get AVGS?
Unemployment is not an absolute prerequisite for obtaining AVGS. You can seek the voucher if you anticipate the end of your current employment in a few months. However, it's important to note that the decision to grant AVGS rests with your employment advisor at Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter, and there is no automatic legal entitlement to it.
More information about registering as a job seeker and applying for AVGS (in German) here.
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Why Work with Me
Dr. Alevtina "Tina" Evgrafova, ICF Associate Certified Coach

About Tina

Headquartered in Berlin, Serving Worldwide

250+ coaching hours of experience

2 years ago, I made the shift from academia to self-employment (also with AVGS and Gründungszuschuss), becoming a certified ICF coach and launching my startups:

17 years in Research and Development:
  • Researcher in Environmental Sciences and Foresight
  • R&D Specialist in an AgriTech startup
  • Worked and lived in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Vietnam

Coaching languages: English and Russian; German could be considered
Certification and Education
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